Alan Wilson
web-sites & blogs
This web-site is -- strike that -- this web-site was the main portal to websites that I have built and contributed to. This site has been replaced by a simpler and more responsive site here : My portfolio is now here :

I am currently -- strike that -- I was enrolled in The New School for Social Engagement Media Studies Graduate Program. The Media Studies BLOG covers selections of my work for assignments.
Everyday Signals

Some informal semiotic theory
This web-site is an answer to an assignment for Media Theory class in the Media Studies Graduate Program at The New School. The assignment was to write a paper covering some aspect of semiotic theory. Rather than write a paper I opted for an interactive web-site. I took an informal and conversational approach to semiotic theory illustrating concepts with everyday examples.
Artifacts is a blog dedicated to my own concrete art : pottery and mixed media sculpture in glass, clay, wood and metal.

Curious left-overs of graphics from other projects.
a-i-wilson-graphics is a tumblr blog for drawings, graphics and sketches.
glass work

a documentary film about glass blowers Trefny Dix and Bengt Hokanson rebuilding their studio and their business.
This was for a group project for : Digital War: Rhetoric, Risks & Realities School of Media Studies The New School for Social Engagement.
The assignment was to compile and present a list of Autonomous Killing Machines. I built the graphics and the site. I also had fun building the 3D model of the x 47b.
Craftsmanship in a Digital Age is a web-site for an oral history project comprised of interviews with artists and craftspeople about the meaning of craftsmanship in a world increasingly obsessed with virtual creativity.

"The Suffering of the Distant Other"
This assignment for Media Literacy was to deconstruct images of "The Suffering of the Distant Other". Rather than write a paper, I took the liberty of building a web-page and a video (I am naughty that way).